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Security Cameras:

Our home & offices security packages ensure that you feel safe and secure in your home. 


  • Complete wire-free systems
  • Discreet installation
  • 24-hour alarm monitoring
  • Annual maintenance checks
  • Full cover maintenance
  • An internal and external siren
  • 2 key fobs
  • Add-ons to create your ideal package

Detection Sensors:

Sensors that detect unwanted entry are the foundation of a good security system, but there have been some changes in the technology that can greatly enhance your safety.


Every security system should come with some basic sensors, but you should take a look at what you could add for extra security.

Threat Detection Sensors

Not all the things that threaten your home or family involve someone trying to break into your home. 


The threat of fire, CO2, and freezing, can cause many problems. Luckily, most home security systems have additional sensors that can be added to help keep an eye on these kinds of threats.

Types of Cameras

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